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Platd is a food-focused social app designed for easy and personalised recipe inspiration.

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Designed for and by, home cooks.

Personalised feed

Explore recipes tailored to your dietary preferences.

Saved recipes

Save and share your favourite recipes with loved ones.

Grocery planning

Create your weekly grocery list directly from the recipes you want to try.

A truly customised recipe feed.

Platd's feed is tailored to your preferences according to the ingredients and cooks you follow, as well as, your interactions within the app, so that you can easily find recipes that meet your lifestyle and dietary needs.

The right tool for food content creators

With Platd, food content creators can:
• Easily create, edit and save recipes they’re testing, and publish them when ready.
• Access useful tips for improving their food photography (and soon videography) skills.
• Recipe input fields are auto-fill enabled and/or have pre-defined lists to make the recipe creation process even easier.

Our Contributors

Contributors are home cooks around the world, brought together by Platd, to share some of their favourite recipes that anyone can make and enjoy!

Wall of love

This is what other foodies had to say about Platd, after testing a prototype version.

"Its like a social media platform but only about food. I actually think its a great idea, cause while I do use instagram for recipes, it has lots of other content too, whereas with this, you don’t have to sift through other things to find what you’re looking for."
“I absolutely love the personalised feed and it’s something I can appreciate, as someone who visits recipe websites and apps all the time to try and find meals. This would help plan my meals so much quicker.”
Sarah Smith
“The app layout is fantastic, easy to read, and so nothing took my attention away from what I was trying to do.”
Sarah Smith