We’re foodies obsessed with making cooking easy and fun.

Our Mission

We all have memories of being cooked for, and that act of generosity and love is very powerful. While there is no shortage of recipe apps, our research suggests that, the difficulty with coming up with new recipe ideas and planning meals for the week, are some of home cooks biggest challenges today. In fact, did you know that, the average person spends about 15% of their thoughts about what their next meal is?

So we asked ourselves: what if we could spend less time thinking about what to eat, and more time actually cooking and spending quality time with our loved ones?

That's why we created Platd - a food-focused social app designed to help home cooks discover recipes based on their preferences, to create, save and share all their favourite recipes in one place, as well as, simplify their grocery planning needs.

Whether you're cooking for your partner, family or friends, our intuitive and easy-to-use app, that is powered by a growing community of passionate home cooks bringing you delicious and nourishing recipes every day, you will never have to worry about what to cook again!

Our Values

Building on our personal values to drive an intuitive, delightful and meaningful Platd experience.


Be open to exploring new ingredients, flavours and recipes.


Bring our full creative spirit in every dish we make.


Share our knowledge and love for food, inspiring home cooks.

Our leadership team